10 Questions to Find the Idol You Worship (If it is not Jesus).

Below are 10 thought-provoking questions.  Questions like these powerful tools to help us discover the false idols in our heart.  There are good and bad answers to these questions.  If you want to discern the rightness or wrongness of your answers, check the textbook–the Bible. 

1. What is the one thing, or person, you fear losing most?  Beyond sadness, how would you feel if that thing or person were gone tomorrow? (What would such a loss do to your life?)

2. What gives you purpose? Where do you find your identity, significance, and meaning in your life? (What role, job, responsibility, talent, title, or position makes, or would, make you most proud of yourself?) 

3.  What is success? How will you know if your life is a success or a failure? (Who has proven to have a “successful” life in your view?)

4.  What gives you hope for the future?  What, or who, do you trust to give you security in an uncertain future? (Where do you think people should not put their hope?)

5.  What brings you the most joy in your life? In what truth, person, or thing do you regularly delight in most often? (So much so you want others to delight in it).

6.  What do you speak in support of most often?  What,or who, do you naturally praise or intentionally preach to others? (What do you speak against most often?)

7.  What or who do you love above all else?What is that one thing you want, that you don’t have, that you believe will make your life complete? (What do you hate above all else?)

8. Who or what do you find you are sacrificing for?  Where do you spend most of your time?  On what do you spend much of your money? When do you exert your “best” energy? (Where do you campaign, publicly or privately, that others should sacrifice more?)

9.  What captivates your thoughts without having to think?  Where, or what, do your thoughts lead you toward?  Where does it lead you away from? (What do you imagine or dream about?)

10.  What or who is the governing influence in your decision-making?  How do you determine what is right, wrong, good, bad, wise, or foolish?  (To whom or what do first appeal, to resolve moral,ethical, or personal dilemmas?)

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