10 ways to know your pastor has “arrived.”

Know that your pastor or church has “broken through” , “arrived”, or otherwise made it to the “big time” when:

1.They take (or are given) a new title like “apostle”, “movement leader”, or “grand puba”.

2. They drive a motorcycle, or some a European vehicle “gifted” by a generous congregant.

3. They invent new names for old doctrines to make them more palpable.

4. They change the name of their church blog to myrealname.com

5. They launch a “[enter Greek word] School of Ministry” , charging big $$ to their one student.

6. They start a fan page on facebook dedicated to themselves.

7. They change their church web address to their myrealname(and my wife).com

8. They add words to the name of their church like “global”, “international”, or “life center”.

9.  They have their pod-casted sermons being used evaluate the quality of their “real” pastors.

10.  What they say about Jesus, and how they say it, is talked about more than than Jesus himself.

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