Acts 29 Coffee -Christian Chronic

We are developing a partnership with a new organization called Acts 29 coffee. In an effort to find ways to redeem the money we already spent, now you can help church planting as you sip on your “Christian Chronic”.  Instead of purchasing coffee from wherever you already do, consider investing with Acts 29 Coffee and have it delivered to your door. For every $10 bag of coffee you guy, 50% of the proceeds go back to church planting in the Northwest Region where we serve. The potential fund-raising is incredible.  More information will be coming soon and we’ll have some samples available at our church soon.

But what does it taste like?  We’ve sampled a couple different ones, Sunday Blend and Redemption Roast.  They are both excellent.  As Seattle natives, we are very particular, believing that drinking bad coffee may actually be as sinful as drinking light beer.  Well…maybe not that sinful.  In short, you won’t be disappointed.

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