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WE NEED A PASTOR | Vision pt.3

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How many pastors does one church need? Before I became a pastor I often wondered what exactly a pastor did with all of his time.  Did he sit and study the Bible for 40 hours a week? Did he go from home to home checking in on each family in his church?  Did he knock on every door in his neighborhood or spend every minute evangelizing at coffee shops? Did he wander in the wilderness communing with God in prayer for days on end?  Or did he hang out with other pastors and talk about ministry versus actually do any?  This kind of perception can make it very difficult to justify hiring any pastor, let alone several for a given church. I never wanted to a full-time pastor.  At the time God called me to plant a church, I was a high school teacher.  Because I believed that the job of a [...]


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The church is more than a place where Christians just happen to hang out on Sundays. It is more than a once-a-week event, more than a religious outing, more than a Christian club. The church was not an addendum to God’s plan for salvation, in fact, we believe it is central to it. Jesus did not die for a person, he died for a church—a specific group of people—through whom he would continue to restore the world with the gospel. The church is the fellowship of believers, the family of God (a family of families), where the presence of God’s Spirit chiefly dwells, and where the wisdom of God is uniquely made manifest. Restoration Road church is not the only expression of God’s family. The church is both universal and local, both invisible and visible, both spiritual and physical. According to the Bible, the universal, invisible, and spiritual church generally refers [...]

MISSION: WHO WE ARE| Vision 2020 Pt.1

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This past Sunday, our church gathered for a family meeting.  The purpose of the meeting was to update the church on our current health, and cast vision for the next few years.  We discussed some important needs and shared some exciting opportunities.  In a series of blogs, we will share more details about each part of our VISION 2020.  The booklet can be downloaded here and audio can be listened to here. The first, and most important, part of our meeting on April 2, 2017 was a reminder of who we are.  This is the part of the vision that never changes because it is rooted in the unchanging truths of God's Word. People change. Programs change.  Practices change.  Even philosophies change.  The practical outworking of our long-term vision will often change quarterly, but our shared identity in the Gospel of Jesus Christ should remain the same over the years.  It [...]

A Way to Pray

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Brethren, I have to EXHORT YOU TO PRAY FOR OTHERS. Before I do it, I will ask you a personal question. Do you always pray for others? Guilty or not guilty, here? Do you think you have taken the case of your children, your church, your neighbourhood, and the ungodly world before God as you ought to have done? If you have, I have not. For I stand here a chief culprit before the Master to make confession of the sin; and while I shall exhort you to practice what is undoubtedly a noble privilege, I shall be most of all exhorting myself.                                    - Charles Spurgeon The best way to teach your family to pray, is to model it.  Jesus taught his disciples to pray for themselves.  His lesson is recorded in Matthew 6.9-13.  I challenge you to commit to praying for 21 days the following, after Jesus instruction: [...]

Sanctification 103: The Holy Spirit & Me

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This third blog about sanctification has one simple point: Everything was done by Jesus, not so that you could do nothing, but so that you would desire and be able to do something. That "something" is gospel-inspired, spirit-empowered, pursuit of righteousness and fight against unrighteousness.  The purpose of this pursuit is, ultimately, satisfaction in God.  I would agree with John Piper whose life is devoted to the belief that: God is most glorified when I am most satisfied in Him.  In other words, satisfaction in God and glorification of God are intimately connected. I believe that obedience, which begins with believing the gospel, is the greatest way to glorify God AND be satisfied. I  agree with Jesus who said in John 15 that abiding in Him, through obedience to His commands, results in joy.  Sadly, calling people to pursue obedience is rarely perceived as having to do with experiencing joy in Jesus. On [...]

Sanctification 102: The tools and how they work

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Our sanctification began before CREATION. According to His purposes, to the praise of His grace, God SET APART a people to be saved from sin.  Sanctification is completely accomplished  (IN OUR SOULS) through faith in the death and resurrection of Jesus, increased throughout life in our flesh by the Spirit (IN OUR BODIES) , and completed at Jesus’ return. There some argument over prepratory sanctification, minimal argument over positional sanctification, and a lot of argument over progressive sanctification.  Essentially, there is a lot of confusion about how we grow in our holiness if Jesus has already made us holy.  It is true that God demands our holiness.  That is why he sent His Son to be a substitute for us--he produced the holiness I needed through a sinless life and paid the penalty for the unholiness of my sin. God demands perfection, that is why He gave us His substitute. But [...]

Sanctification 101: The Different Kinds

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For the last several Wednesdays, our church has been spending time exploring the theological concept of sanctification.  Simply stated, the idea behind sanctification  is that of "setting apart" someone, or something, for special use. Biblically, this primarily describes the act of God who separates or consecrates something as holy.  The first instance of this happening is when God sanctifies the 7th day of creation—recognizing it as holy.  The secondary meaning of the word involves the idea of “moral” or “ethical” renewal or cleansing.  In this sense, “sanctification” connotes the idea of a process being made more holy or righteous as read in passages like: 1Thessalonians 4.3-5  For this is the will of God, your sanctification: that you abstain from sexual immorality; 4 that each one of you know how to control his own body in holiness and honor, 5 not in the passion of lust like the Gentiles who do not know God.   Theologically, sanctification is [...]

“Submission” for the Single Ladies

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After preaching on Biblical Womanhood last week, I received some excellent questions from some godly single women in our church.  None of them expressed issue with the sermon, but they all desired a better understanding as to how some of principles of marriage may apply to singleness. A Good Word Used Badly One question that came up centered on the idea of "submission".  And although this concept was not highlighted in my sermon, it is an all too familiar term employed when teaching about Biblical Marriage.  It is not a bad word in itself, but it is often badly taught by bad teachers and badly exercised by bad men. As Paul wrote in Philemon 8…though I am bold enough in Christ to command you to do what is required, 9 yet for love’s sake I prefer to appeal to you—.  In other words ladies, I’m not scared to tell it like it is.  But [...]

“Helping” for the Single Ladies

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Yesterday,  I preached a sermon on Biblical Womanhood from Genesis chapter 2.  Preaching these kinds of sermons always feel like trying to navigate a minefield.  One wrong step and "boom", you are hated or misunderstood by the women in your church. Even though the Scriptures are quite clear about biblical manhood and womanhood, anyone who teaches on these topics must speak with tremendous amounts of grace (especially if they hope to be heard the same way). Unfortunately, many pastors and churches make the mistake of compromising truth in the name of "grace". That is a destructive mistake that does a disservice to anyone who might hear. The other mistake that preachers like myself can make is failing to communicate the whole truth to the whole congregation.  It is probably unreasonable to expect a single sermon on a single text to speak to every flavor of men, women, young, old, religious, irreligious person equally (or at all).  But in [...]