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Hula Dancing and Jesus

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I found this in an old sermon back from 2008. It made me laugh. I thought I'd post it for kicks... One Hula Dancing Boy The other day, my oldest son Fischer came home with a special flyer from this school. Apparently, a local group was offering Hula Dancing Lessons to boys and girls. For $120, my son, my one day going to be a man son, could experience 8 weeks of grass skirt hip gyrating exercise that would be the envy of manly Dad’s everywhere. Not Karate or Kung Fun, not hammering nails or building forts, not skateboards or video games…no, hula dancing. It took me all of three seconds to decide that my son would not be doing it, although Caylin had said he was really excited about it. So I had to tell him… ME:   “Fischer, you will not be doing hula lessons.” FISCHER: “Ohhhh…why?” ME:  “Hula dancing, [...]

It does matter: Our statement about So-Called Same Sex “Marriage”

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The following is a statement that was prepared several months ago on behalf of the Elders of Damascus Road Church.  It was initially made available to our church privately.  With the upcoming election, we feel it prudent to make the statement publicly in all forms available to us.  Through the internet, television, and radios, our communities are being inundated with confusing arguments about Referendum 74.   Many of these emotional pleas are coming from "religious" individuals voicing  positions in conflict with Biblical truth.  Within this confusing political and spiritual environment, our hope is to bring some clarity to the real issues at hand. That being said, this statement is by no means a comprehensive treatment of every issue related to this piece legislation.  Our statement is simply one way of distinguishing ourselves as Christians in, not of, culture; of declaring our allegiance to our Lord Jesus; and of voicing our commitment [...]