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A Way to Pray

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Brethren, I have to EXHORT YOU TO PRAY FOR OTHERS. Before I do it, I will ask you a personal question. Do you always pray for others? Guilty or not guilty, here? Do you think you have taken the case of your children, your church, your neighbourhood, and the ungodly world before God as you ought to have done? If you have, I have not. For I stand here a chief culprit before the Master to make confession of the sin; and while I shall exhort you to practice what is undoubtedly a noble privilege, I shall be most of all exhorting myself.                                    - Charles Spurgeon The best way to teach your family to pray, is to model it.  Jesus taught his disciples to pray for themselves.  His lesson is recorded in Matthew 6.9-13.  I challenge you to commit to praying for 21 days the following, after Jesus instruction: [...]

“Submission” for the Single Ladies

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After preaching on Biblical Womanhood last week, I received some excellent questions from some godly single women in our church.  None of them expressed issue with the sermon, but they all desired a better understanding as to how some of principles of marriage may apply to singleness. A Good Word Used Badly One question that came up centered on the idea of "submission".  And although this concept was not highlighted in my sermon, it is an all too familiar term employed when teaching about Biblical Marriage.  It is not a bad word in itself, but it is often badly taught by bad teachers and badly exercised by bad men. As Paul wrote in Philemon 8…though I am bold enough in Christ to command you to do what is required, 9 yet for love’s sake I prefer to appeal to you—.  In other words ladies, I’m not scared to tell it like it is.  But [...]

“Helping” for the Single Ladies

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Yesterday,  I preached a sermon on Biblical Womanhood from Genesis chapter 2.  Preaching these kinds of sermons always feel like trying to navigate a minefield.  One wrong step and "boom", you are hated or misunderstood by the women in your church. Even though the Scriptures are quite clear about biblical manhood and womanhood, anyone who teaches on these topics must speak with tremendous amounts of grace (especially if they hope to be heard the same way). Unfortunately, many pastors and churches make the mistake of compromising truth in the name of "grace". That is a destructive mistake that does a disservice to anyone who might hear. The other mistake that preachers like myself can make is failing to communicate the whole truth to the whole congregation.  It is probably unreasonable to expect a single sermon on a single text to speak to every flavor of men, women, young, old, religious, irreligious person equally (or at all).  But in [...]

On God, Science, and the Age of the Universe

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This past Sunday I preached a sermon focused in the six days of creation.  I began the sermon by reading Psalm 19.1-2: The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handwork.  Day to day pours out speech and night to night reveals knowledge. The point of beginning with this Psalm was to remind us of the true purpose of creation—to make much of God.  Essentially, instead of always asking HOW questions, I wanted us to focus on WHY questions. It is difficult to ask these kinds of questions with this particular text because there is such a great divide created by one’s understanding of “how” the six days of creation unfolded.  In an effort to make sense of God’s Word, men often mistakenly accommodate science to the point of compromise or dismiss it as all together evil or at least mostly wrong.  The first sermon, [...]

The world needs Genesis right now

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We began our series on the first 11 chapters of Genesis this week.  I am becoming more and more convinced that the Book of Genesis is probably the most important book ever written.  There are 66 books in the Bible and few, if any of them, make sense without a basic understanding of Genesis.  Yet, I find a growing number of Christians unfamiliar with the story of God.  They wrongly believe that they can jump in the middle of God's novel and expect to understand what HAS happened, what WILL happen, and WHY.  Genesis is the beginning of the beginning.    In many ways, it is the beginning of everything we know—the BEDROCK of our faith. Our culture desperately needs Genesis right now.  Our world is struggling with truths that everyone, believer or non, once held as absolute.   Our questions have changed.  We are asking different ones that many people, believer or not, [...]

Donkey Corralling is God’s Work

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This past week we preached through the not-so-triumphal entry in Matthew 21.1-11.  This is the well-known passage where Jesus rides a donkey into Jerusalem. I find the first verses of this passage, preparing to enter, the most moving.  The disciples were curious as to why Jesus would ask them to go impress a donkey from a stranger.   What is even more curious is that they obeyed!  The disciples did not know why Jesus asked them to get a donkey.  John's record of this event says it plainly: His disciples did not understand these things at first, but when Jesus was glorified, then they remembered that these things had been written about him and had to be done to Him. John 12.10.  For all of the things the disciples say and do wrong, they did get a few things right--even if unintentionally.  There is much to learn from their commitment [...]

Everyday is Sunday

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Whether you are irreligious or religious—you must respond to Jesus. To paraphrase John Stott, you cannot have a moderate response to Jesus. In the Bible no one ever had a so so…”Hmmphh”…response to Jesus. If after today you understand the WHOLE story, who Jesus is and what He did, you better hate Him, hide from Him, or run to Him. And don’t stop short in the story… Those who are IRRELIGIOUS stop on FRIDAY with JESUS DEAD. Whether Jesus was who He said He was who knows; but you’d be a fool not to AGREE that the death of Jesus of Nazareth was a horrible unjust tragedy. A 30 year old carpenter name Jesus, who did nothing but serve and love people, is accused falsely, tried illegally, and murdered brutally. If nothing else, this tragedy proves that there is something wrong with the world and you know it. But the [...]

RE:sermon | Who Jesus Receives and Rejects

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RE:sermon is an effort to share the best thoughts from the most recent sermons.  Too often, some of the "nuggets" of truth get lost in the noise and length of the sermon.  Some of these need to be forgotten while others need to be repeated.  As Doug Wilson once told me, "If it is good enough to say once, it is good enough to say twice."  With that in view, the following quotes were taken from two sermons preached in early March 2015.  Both sermons come from our series in the Gospel of Matthew (Book 3).  One sermon is titled WHO JESUS RECEIVES and the other is titled WHO JESUS REJECTS. If we are going to love children, then we they must be SOUGHT for, BROUGHT to, and TAUGHT about Jesus. We have a responsibility to care for our family, our church, and the world...We all have a tendency to focus on [...]

Hula Dancing and Jesus

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I found this in an old sermon back from 2008. It made me laugh. I thought I'd post it for kicks... One Hula Dancing Boy The other day, my oldest son Fischer came home with a special flyer from this school. Apparently, a local group was offering Hula Dancing Lessons to boys and girls. For $120, my son, my one day going to be a man son, could experience 8 weeks of grass skirt hip gyrating exercise that would be the envy of manly Dad’s everywhere. Not Karate or Kung Fun, not hammering nails or building forts, not skateboards or video games…no, hula dancing. It took me all of three seconds to decide that my son would not be doing it, although Caylin had said he was really excited about it. So I had to tell him… ME:   “Fischer, you will not be doing hula lessons.” FISCHER: “Ohhhh…why?” ME:  “Hula dancing, [...]

Re:Sermon | Are you killing it?

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Taken from Mystery of the Mind of Christ Your fight against sin begins with believing there is a fight to be had. Sin will either tempt you to not fight, to fight the wrong things, or to fight the wrong way. I've heard it said, 'Practice doesn’t make perfect, it makes permanent. You can get very good at fighting the wrong thing the wrong way. Here is the right way: 1. Fight honorably – the fight for the glory of God (Right motivation) 2. Fight intentionally- the fight is strategic (Right battle plan) 3. Fight ruthlessly – the fight is painful. (Right and Radical Sacrifice) 4. Fight relentlessly – the fight is never over (Right disposition) 5. Fight skillfully – the fight is biblical (Right weapon) 6. Fight communally- the fight is together (Right Community) 7. Fight faithfully – the fight is Christ-centered (Right means) Our fight is not just [...]