Jesus’ Cup Check

I have always enjoyed the older translations of Ephesians 6.14 concerning the armor of God.  Usually, the text says something like “GIRD YOUR LOINS WITH TRUTH.”  Such a translation always required greater explanation from the youth pastor because few understand “girding”  though we all have a sense of what “loins” are.   With or without explanation, I always imagined getting ready for the spiritual battle like Rambo: I’d put my headband on, lace up my military boots tight, fasten my three foot knife to my side, put on my Holy Jockstrap, and charge out to the fight the demons!

I’ve found it helpful to make sure I have my “cup of truth” on before Jesus himself has to give me a quick check.  When I don’t, and He does, it hurts.   All of us need a cup check from Jesus periodically, to make sure that we are being led by the truth of God and not the ‘truth’ of the evil one.  We/I have to ask WHY we are doing what we are doing?  What is our true hope and motivation for our work and play?  1Corinthians 10.31 says that whether we eat or drink, we are to do all to the glory of God.  That implies that there is a way NOT to glorify God in all that I do…even the basics.  I believe that, when the glory of God is your motivation, hope, and purpose, you may in fact approach whatever you do differently–in a way that is self-denying and God magnifying.  In other words, making much of God is worth more than making much of yourself:

Am I working to for glory of God?
Am I loving my spouse for the glory of God?
Am I parenting for the glory of God?
Am I using my gifts for the glory of God?
Am I playing music to for the glory of God?
Am I writing this book, letter, text, email for the glory of God?
Am I encouraging, rebuking or talking to this person for the glory of God?
Am I managing of my time, money, and resources for the glory of God?
Am I serving my family, friends, and church for the glory of God?
Am I suffering for the glory of God?

Obviously, we could ask this question of a lot more things…and we probably should.  It is clear that people can find some level of “success” apart from doing it for the glory of God.  But, after studying Habakkuk, it is even more clear  any form of building apart from faith will never have lasting substance AND, more importantly, will not please God. It may grow, it may “succeed”, but it will in the end be a conduit for the glory of God OR be crushed by it.  Major cup check.

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