Jesus hates Facebook

I don’t know what Jesus feels about facebook, but my guess is that he thinks it is from the devil.  I realize that everyone has their own personal “reconnection” story where their long lost __________ was found.  I still find it curious that people who have hundreds of “friends” don’t realize that they actually don’t have that many friends, or that the world cares what they had for breakfast, what their frustrated with or looking forward to in the next 30 minutes, or how many ways they can find to make a face to describe their emotions with punctuntion and slashes.  Another incredible phenomena is the false reality that people live with, believing that if an entity, organization, or group exists on facebook, then it has legitimacy.

Those little irritations pale in comparison to facebook’s ultimate contribution to the world–it has become the passive aggressive person’s best friend.  While we’d like to believe that people simply use it to keep tabs on one another, it is more often use to shoot jabs at one another.  There was a time in our society when, if you had an issue or conflict, you actually talked with person.  Today, it’s much easier to be a blowhard through sharing “what’s on your mind…”

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