Speaking vs. Preaching

SPEAKING: “Jesus loves you.”

PREACHING: ” Jesus loves you; and you wouldn’t love Him unless He did.  Jesus is King and Lord and Savior. He created this world and everyone on it. Though the world owes him allegiance, obedience, and worship, the world has chosen to sinfully rebel, seeking after their own desires, finding meaning, hope and security in all created things, practicing and affirming all kinds of perversion as proof of their darkened heart’s conviction that they can be God…
Yet, while we were sinners, Jesus demonstrated His gracious love for us, he willingly died. On the cross, God pours out all his wrath on His Son, a death deserved by me a sinner. He dies for the most heinous sins of his people, that we won’t despair. And he dies for the subtlest of disobedience that we might become prideful and cheapen the grace. He frees people from death and sin for His glory to vindicate His name. And, in proving himself both just and justifier, he raises His Son from the dead whereby giving perfect life to all who would call upon his name–so that no man can boast. Now, therefore, repent and believe. Receive God’s free pardon, offered to all rebels who who turn as God gives grace, call upon him for mercy, bow before his thrown, and swear allegiance and obedience and worship to Him forever. “

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