What men mean for harm, God means for His Glory

You’d have to be a mole trapped in a hole to have not heard of Hamas.  Hamas is the leading militant Palestinian ‘political’ group, classsief as a terrorist organization by the United States, an acronym Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamat al-Islāmiyyah, meaning “Islamic Resistance Movement”.  As I have been studying Habakkuk, I came across the Hebrew Word for Violence “HAMAS”, meaning ”malicious conduct intended to injure another.  This word appears a number of times in Habakkuk’s prayer as a description of what he sees AND of the powerful Babylonians who are rising.  You can probably understand what I was moved by an article today in the Wall Street Journal, detailing the Chrsitian conversion of Sheikh Hassan Yousef, a founder and leader of the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

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